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Hennlich, d.o.o.

Ulica Mirka Vadnova 13

4000 Kranj

+386 4 5320610
+386 4 5320620
igus® d.o.o.

Tržaška c. 134

1000 Ljubljana

+386 (0)30 601 610

New products and product range additions 2019

motion plastics® ... improve what moves ...

"How can I make moving parts better whilst reducing costs?" A question that engages buyers and developers day by day. Our motion plastics® give the answer: Improve what moves. Discover our 2019 product innovations and enhancements now!

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About us

  • The worldwide motion plastics® expert for plastic solutions in motion
  • Hidden champion in German mechanical engineering
  • Leading manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings
  • Represented in 35 countries, headquarter in Cologne
  • igus® operates the largest test laboratories and factories in its sector

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