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Programmatic is quickly developing into becoming a standard of online media industry. Companies using cutting-edge technologies, having access to data and people capable of working with these resources will be the winners. More time will be left for marketing research, creativity preparation and testing, optimisation of target pages, and other more interesting work.

Real-time bidding allows advertisers to reach the right user, in the right place, at the right time—and assign an individual value to a particular ad impression. Leveraging advanced technology advertisers place bids on reaching specific users dynamically, and on an impression–by-impression basis.  More precise targeting, more conversions and higher ROI, rather than cheaper impressions are the key. To ensure that the message only reaches the intended recipients, the technologies involved process huge quantities of data from various sources in a hundredth of a second and an auction take place before each impression. 

The future is mobile, native, and video.

Featuring leading omni-channel automation technology for publishers and programmatic tools for media buyers, our approach allows advertisers to access customer through full customer lifecycle.

We use programmatic to power data driven advertising on:

Any device:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile (Web and In App)
  • DOOH (Digital out of home)
  • Addresable TV
  • Streaming Radio

Any media type: 

  • Display Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Audio Ads
  • Mobile and In App Ads 



Digital marketing glossary

  • ad exchange
    An ad trafficking system through which advertisers publishers and networks meet and do business via a unified platform. An ad exchange allows advertisers and publishers to use the same technological
  • trading desk
    A buy-side trading entity housed within or working for advertising agencies. Also known as an agency trading desk or ATD. ATDs are usually the programmatic arms of holding companies. Independent tradi
  • placement
    A term describing the object that represents a piece of inventory. Publishers embed placements into web pages' ad tags. This same object may also be called an ad tag or an ad unit but this is slighti
  • user ID mapping
    Each buyer and seller may assign their own different IDs to a user. Without knowing that Seller S's user ABC is the same as Buyer B's user 1234 it is impossible for B to value an impression from S. T
  • HLS
    see HTTP Live Streaming

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