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Sirius provides comfort, energy efficiency and flexibility to both its visitors and tenants. The circulation areas in the center of the office building are efficient and well organ...

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The international conference entitled “Coworking & Coliving Conference Southeast Europe” will be held from 9 to 11 October in Belgrade (Kombank dvorana) and Mokrin (Mokrin House), gathering over 300 participants from around the world.

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Business Garden, most modern A-class office building in downtown Belgrade, Grandious Opening

Business Garden, the most modern, class A office building in downtown Belgrade officially opened its doors at a ceremony organized for media representatives, partners and associates.

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New Business oasis on New Belgrade, Serba: Green ESCAPE of up to 65,000 m2

The rate of available business space in Belgrade is otherwise low, and in New Belgrade it is even lower and it was below 3% at the end of the first quarter of this year.

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Summertime in the office: the dos and don’ts

Workplace data suggests that productivity drops 20% during the summer months, with 45% of employees admitting that they’re more distracted. This could be down to excitement over upcoming holiday plans, the shift in team stability due to holiday absences or hot weather causing a lull in concentration.

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Green oases - a new trend in the development of residential and office buildings

Whoever lives in the city still needs to be as close to nature as possible. All urban life leaves less space for parks and greenery. That's why we have a new trend in the construction of apartments and business premises - green oases in the center of the capital - the greening of buildings with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

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SPACEFLOW takes Real Estate From Space-to-rent to Space-as-a-service Business“ -

With co-working experiences booming around the globe, workspaces are becoming much more than four walls and a table. Spaceflow, a Czech startup, challenges our imagination and creativity to reshape how we think of Real Estate. Are we ready for it?

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Aćim Leon Pantelić - Vlasnik Novog ''WeShare'' Coworking prostora u Beogradu

Šta je to Coworking? Zašto je ovaj novi trend kancelarijskih prostora sve popularniji u Srbiji kao i šta to zakupci traže u ovakvom poslovnom prostoru i koji su njihovi zahtevi? Ovaj put razgovarali smo sa Aćimom, vlasnikom inovativnog poslovnog prostora u centru Beograda koji će se svečano otvoriti 1. Novembra.

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You Should Know Before Selecting an Office Building

How can i upload pictures of the office building?

You can easily do that in the user admin platform, after clicking on the menu “My buildings” you need to select the office building which you would like to upload a picture of and choose in the “Edit profile” the “Media” button and upload picture.

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My favorite office buildings

You can pick select your favorite office buildings.

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Who uses BREEAM?

Clients, planners, development agencies, funders and developers use BREEAM to specify the sustainability performance of their buildings in a way that is quick, comprehensive, highly visible in the marketplace and provides a level playing field. Property agents use it to promote the environmental credentials and benefits of a building to potential purchasers and tenants. Design Teams use it as a method to improve the performance of their buildings and their own experience and knowledge of environmental aspects of sustainability. Managers use it to reduce running costs, measure and improve the performance of buildings, empower staff, develop action plans and monitor and report performance at both the single and portfolio level.

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