• Revisiting Putnam’s two-level game theory in the digital age: Domestic digital diplomacy and the Iran nuclear deal

    Revisiting Putnam’s two-level game theory in the digital age: Domestic digital diplomacy and the Iran nuclear deal

    Note: This post was originally published on the blog of the Cambridge Review of International Affairs and was co-authored with Corneliu Bjola.

    In 1988, Robert Putnam conceptualised diplomatic negotiations as a two-level game in which national and international politics often collide. In this framework, constituents and interest groups (labour unions, activist groups, etc.) pursue their interests at the national level by pressuring the government to adopt favourable policies. At the international level, governments attempt to meet the pressures and demands of their domestic constituents, while at the same time minimising the possible adverse impact of developments abroad. The interaction between the two levels manifests in the fact that a leader who ignores domestic pressures or who favours domestic politics above international issues will be unable to successfully ratify or negotiate a treaty at the other level. Thus, as Putnam argues, ‘the political complexities for the players in t..

  • There are diplomatic activities that require openmindedness more than anything else.

    There are diplomatic activities that require openmindedness more than anything else.

    Via linkedin [Please note: format of original entry slightly changed here, including absence of original photos, due to computer technical reasons beyond your blogger's limited knowledge; please refer to original posting for complete text/illustrations.]

    Katarzyna Rybka-Iwańska Head, Political and Economic Section, Embassy of Poland in Israel There are diplomatic activities that require openmindedness more than anything else. Yesterday, together with fellow diplomats from several EU countries, I took part in a special tour to the Naqab (Negev) during which we had a chance to visit a Bedouin unrecognized village and a recognized township where we discussed various ideas concerning Bedouin l women empowerment and engagement into local businesses, activism and politics. The Negev Coexistence Forum for Civil Equality and Adalah – The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, funded by the European Union, organized the tour.

  • Notice of Funding Opportunity – US Embassy Kigali

    Notice of Funding Opportunity – US Embassy Kigali

    • 20th Jan 2019

    US Embassy Kigali image (not from entry) from
    U.S. EMBASSY KIGALI, PUBLIC AFFAIRS SECTIONFunding Opportunity Title: U.S. Embassy Kigali PAS Annual Program Statement
    Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-RW-FY19-01
    Deadline for Applications: July 31, 2019
    CFDA Number: 19.040 – Public Diplomacy [JB emphasis] Programs
    Total Amount Available: $Variable
    Maximum for Each Award: $25,000A. PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONThe U.S. Embassy Kigali Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State is pleased to announce that funding is available through its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. This is an Annual Program Statement, outlining our funding priorities, the strategic themes we focus on, and the procedures for submitting requests for funding. Please carefully follow all instructions below.Purpose of Small Grants: PAS Kigali invites proposals for programs that strengthen cultural ties between the U.S. and Rw..

  • Diplomats as our image boosters

    Diplomats as our image boosters

    • 20th Jan 2019

    The Sunday Times Sri Lanka; see also (1) (2)
    Image (not from article) from
    So this is what we have come to. Our budding (and some budded) diplomats will, over the coming years, be let loose in the capitals of the world to tell whoever is willing to listen that Sri Lanka is a country like no other. (see 1)
    In some ways it is truly a country like no other. The way some of our politicians conduct affairs and still others have their hands dipped in even more dubious deals leave more than a lasting stench in the civic nostril.
    When one heard the other day about advice proffered by Minister Tilak Marapana to our diplomats in the making, it seemed that something was decidedly wrong. It seemed as though Minister Marapana had switched portfolios and had taken to promoting age-old products such as spices and tea — with or without sympathy — without even a word to us faithful followers of the political gymnastics that our leaders and the lesser political breeds engage in providing the world-weary..


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  • Judge Carmel Agius assumes office as the new President of the Mechanism 20th Jan 2019
    Arusha, The Hague, 19 January 2019 – On 19 January 2019, Judge Carmel Agius, of Malta, assumed office as President of the International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals (Mechanism), following his appointment by the United Nations Secretary-General on 30 June 2018 to a term expiring on 30 June 2020. Judge Agius has been a Judge […]
  • Uzbekistan and the IWC Usher in the New Year Together 16th Jan 2019
    On the picture, H.E. Mr. Dilyor Khakimov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan. By Catherine van der Loos. Last Monday, January 14, the Marriott Hotel in the Hague was the venue for a festive cultural event presented by H.E. Dilyor Kakimov, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to the Kingdom of Belgium and Head of Mission to the E.U. He […]
  • Global Public Diplomacy Awards presented at Gala in Frankfurt 13th Jan 2019
    For the first time Diplomat Magazine and the Diplomatic Council shall present the Global Public Diplomacy Award, in Frankfurt. The award  constitute a  recognition of the efforts of heads of diplomatic missions and other dignitaries to promote strategic diplomatic engagement vis-à-vis state as well as non-state actors. The Public Diplomacy Award will recognise both top diplomats and […]
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