Horsham - West Sussex

About Horsham

Horsham - West Sussex

Horsham is a historic market town in West Sussex offering much for visitors and locals alike.

Visit Horsham is the official Horsham Town Centre Directory and Visitors' Guide connecting businesses, residents and visitors.

Featured Event - Horsham District Year of Culture 2019

Featured Profile - South Lodge Hotel & Spa

"A Magnificent Five Star Country House Hotel"
Lower Beeding
01403 891711
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Horsham Car Parks

Horsham's Car Parks
are currently:

Horsham Events

  • Jul 20 - Grand Re opening - Gobsmack Comics in the Carfax - Carfax
  • Jul 20 - Horsham Markets - Horsham Markets - Carfax
  • Jul 20 - Horsham General Market - Horsham General Market - Bishopric
  • Jul 20 - Summer Sounds - Carfax Bandstand - Carfax
  • Jul 20 - Horsham Garden Music Festival Rock Day - Human Nature Garden

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