Sell your Vinyl Records

With Second Spin Records

At Second Spin Records we are keen collectors & buyers of vinyl records. We travel up and down the country to view and buy collections of many genres & types of vinyl from previous decades. Our passion for music means we rarely turn down opportunities to help you move on records. We are fully independent and we believe our personal, friendly approach is the best way to help you move on records.

Sell Your Vinyl


We are keen buyers of vinyl records and will provide you with a fair and honest valuation of your collection, large or small.

We’re interested in all types of rock, 60’s pop and beat, soul, Northern soul, motown, punk, reggae, jazz, folk, psych, UK and foreign issues.

Record labels such as Decca, Deram, Apple, Vertigo, Immediate Island, Track, Page One, Planet, Tamla Motown, Stateside etc

Feel free to get in touch if you aren’t sure what genre your disc fits into -You can also sell foreign issued discs as well as UK records

  • Rock,
  • 60’s pop and beat,
  • Soul,
  • Northern Soul,
  • Motown,
  • Punk,
  • Reggae,
  • Jazz,
  • Folk,
  • Psych,
  • UK and foreign issues

How to Sell Your Records

Second Spin Records buy both one-off discs as well as complete LP, 45’s & EP collections; so whether you’re looking to make some much-needed space or cash in on a hard to find record, just follow these simple steps and you can sell vinyl albums to us:

  1. Contact us via the contacts page, email, telephone or through social media like Twitter.
  2. We’ll contact you straight back and arrange a viewing time.
  3. We don’t mind travelling all over the country to view a collection.
  4. We have years of experience valuing records and collections we’ll come up with a value right away.
  5. You can then make your mind up and get back to us.
  6. If you’re happy to sell your collection we’ll sort out the transaction to make it easy as possible. We can pay using cash, cheque or paypal.
Sell Your Vinyl

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