The Oil Club - Local heating oil club and supplier of heating oil to Kent
The Oil Club - Local heating oil club and supplier of heating oil to Kent
The Oil Club - Local heating oil club and supplier of heating oil to Kent
The Oil Club - Local heating oil club and supplier of heating oil to Kent
The Oil Club - Local heating oil club and supplier of heating oil to Kent

Why pay too much for your heating oil?

Too many of us pay more than we need to for our heating oil. The Oil-Club is the largest heating oil club in the UK with over 6,000 clubs and over 6 million litres ordered each month. By grouping our club orders into much larger group orders, we save our members £100's on the cost of heating oil each year. Furthermore, in most areas, we order every weekend so you never have to miss out. Join today it's totally free, no hidden fees or service charges and it's easy, add your order and we do the rest...
Our aim is simple... Save you money!

Join today - its free!

Reduce the cost of your heating oil
    The cost of keeping your home warm is expensive despite the drop in Crude oil prices. How can The Oil-Club help? Not only do we group your order with others in your local club but we also group other clubs' orders around you! Therefore a club with 6,000 to 10,000 litres will be joined with other local clubs in a delivery area to make one large bulk order. The results are orders of hundreds of thousands of litres at a time. We request pricing from companies who deliver in your area, ensuring you receive the best deal. As our membership grows so does the negotiating power of the club. In many areas we now order twice a month and in some areas three times a month during the busier months, ensuring you never need to miss out on a group order.

    The club can help your own cash flow by allowing you to order smaller amounts four times a year but still benefit from the bulk pricing.

    ... and, due to the clubs order levels, we order every weekend for around 85% of the UK, so you never need to miss an order! Register to see your next order dates.
Reduce harmful CO2 emissions
    As the chosen supplier will visit an area with a full load and leave with an empty load, we reduce substantially the tanker miles required and numerous heavy vehicles that would have driven through our villages for delivery, thus helping to reduce the impact on our roads and the environment. A club with 100 members will save more than 170 tanker vehicle trips though their village a year.

Use the search facility to check if your village is listed. If your village is not listed please feel free to add to the system using the form displayed on the search page. (You will need to be a registered member)

The oil club is totally independent of all heating oil suppliers.

Join The Club Today
If your village is not listed you can start your village club today. Every week ten or more new village clubs are formed and hundreds of new members join The Oil-Club. Don't delay and join today. Once you are registered you will be able add your village to the system and start your local village club. So start saving £££s on your heating oil and... Join The Club

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