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The "man" behind the scene - Do you know Ludwig Gies, born 3.9.1887 in munich, trained as a chaser, visiting the trade and arts school and studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Most of the time he worked in munich. He was the creater of the design of this amazing silver medal 1932. Coined on the redesign of the Hedwigskathedrale Berlin. Check out our other beauties on MA-Shops and follow our link:
The man behind the scene - Do
"A dream does not have an expiration date", dream big and have a look at this stunning example of this scarce date with gorgeous color, wonderful luster and overall eye appeal. A 25¢ 1918-D USA Standing Liberty with PCGS MS65 Rating from our MA-Shop Harlan Berk. Check out our link for more.
A dream does not have an expir
MA-Shops has a Great Collection of Coins. What should you buy? Three elements! Different questions. Read more in our blog, just click the link. https://ma-shops.com/s/mc6
MA-Shops has a Great Collectio
"Quick-Knowledge To Go"...Have a look at this 4 Daler-20 Francs of Danish West Indies. A golden delight of the past: The Danish West Indies or Danish Antilles was a Danish colony in the Caribbean, consisting of the islands of St Thomas; St John and St Croix. The Danish West India Guinea Company annexed the uninhabited island of St Thomas in 1672 and St. John in 1675. In 1733, St Croix was purchased from the French West India Company. Follow our link for more discoveries of the The Danish West Indies.
Quick-Knowledge To Go...Have a
Rise above the storm and you will find the sunshine… Check out this "sunshine" on MA-Shops- a gorgeous Sovereign from 1823 with the portrait of King George IV and the picture of the saint george and the Dragon. This eyecatcher has already found a new owner, but there are more beautiful coins of this category in our wide range of MA-Shops, just click the link.
Rise above the storm and you w
Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destinations… don't you sometimes dream of distant lands, foreign cultures that fascinate and enchant you? Have a look at this Tola 1812, Russia,Turkestan, Manghits of Bukhara. A PCGS graded coin from one of our US Dealers - check our link for more!
Difficult roads often leads to
Everyday may not be a good day BUT there is good in every day… Make your day good and discover with MA-Shops something Special. Our SPECIAL today is from norway. A gorgeous 1/2 speciedaler dated 1821, struck under King Carl XIV Johan. For more Beautiful masterpieces of King Carl XIV Johan check out our link.
Everyday may not be a good day
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