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HMRC’s Off-Payroll impact statement is "full of falsehoods"

HMRC’s Off-Payroll impact statement has been criticised for containing several spurious statements and figures that fail to stand up to scrutiny.


Off-Payroll draft legislation published: Government dismisses consultation concerns

Draft legislation for proposed Off-Payroll private sector rules ignores consultation feedback and confirms clients will assess IR35 status from 2020.


HMRC pursuit of broadcasters suffers another blow with latest IR35 tribunal defeat

HMRC has suffered another high profile IR35 tribunal defeat, casting further questions over its ability to interpret and police the legislation.


Preparing for the Off-Payroll rules: what HMRC failed to warn hiring firms about

Firms hiring contractors risk major disruption in April 2020 if they fail to prepare for the behavioural impact of the Off-Payroll rules.


HMRC IR35 research tender proves key data was missing from final report, FOI reveals

Further concerns have been raised over HMRC’s published public sector Off-Payroll research, following the apparent omission of key information.


Thousands of NHS locums given hope, after urologist partially wins IR35 tribunal case

A split decision in an IR35 tribunal case between HMRC and an NHS locum could have major repercussions for other contingent workers in the sector.


HMRC refuses to stand by “irrelevant” CEST in IR35 tribunal case

HMRC has attempted to have evidence based on CEST struck out of an ongoing IR35 tribunal case, with its counsel branding the tool “irrelevant”.


Other Contracting News

Tax changes could make work as a locum 'untenable', pharmacy bodies warn

Six organisations have warned that HM Revenue and Customs’s proposals could lead to pharmacy locums paying the same tax as employees, making their position “untenable”.

Mon, 10 Jun 2019 - IR35

Don't rely on the taxman to keep you right over off-payroll rules revolution

With less than a year to go, businesses must take action now and seek professional advice to ensure they are ready for reforms and have the correct process and procedures in place to ensure compliance whilst also remaining competitive in a tough marketplace.

Fri, 31 May 2019 - IR35

Four taxing topics in the new Treasury Minister’s in-tray

Tom Herbert profiles the new FST and examines four issues the minister with responsibility for the UK tax system needs to urgently get to grips with.

Fri, 31 May 2019 - Travel Expenses Consultation

KPMG urges the oil and gas industry to plan ahead for changes to IR35

The most significant impact of the proposed changes to IR35 will be the increased costs that these changes are anticipated to bring.

Mon, 20 May 2019 - IR35

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Recent Media Coverage

Shields Gazette

170,000 self-employed workers could soon pay thousands more in tax - here’s why

New employment rules set to be introduced by the government could leave approximately 170,000 self-employed workers paying thousands of pounds extra in tax per year, as well as facing a large pay cut.

The Register

Industry reps told the UK taxman everything wrong with extending IR35. What happened next will astound you

The UK government disregarded a raft of concerns about extending IR35 to the private sector in its response to a consultation over off-payroll working rules, industry groups have said.


Tax laws a 'grenade about to go off' under the self-employed

Self-employed workers are braced for a drastic cut in earnings after the Treasury unveiled plans to force through a series of controversial tax reforms.

The Scottish Sun

Hundreds of thousands of self-employed workers facing up to £7,500 extra a year tax under new employment laws

Around 170,0000 self-employed workers face paying thousands of pounds extra a year in tax as the government presses ahead with new employment laws.


Contractors face £7,500 a year in extra tax under 'ridiculous' new employment laws

Freelancers could see their income fall by as much as £7,500 a year due to punitive tax reforms due to be introduced from April.

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