Advanced High Power Ultrasonic Technologies

About Us


Our core business is the Design of novel ultrasonic technology and the customization of existing ultrasonic solutions. PUSONICS collaborates with Research Institutions, Universities and Industries around the world towards the design of novel devices for efficient application of highly focused ultrasound energy in gas, liquid, solid, and multiphasic media.

  • Exclusive supplier of the Airborne Ultrasonic System (AUS), an high power ultrasonic generator capable of efficiently transmit highly focused or coherent acoustic waves in fluids (gases and liquids) and multiphase media. 
  • Development of custom-based ultrasonic system solutions according to client requirements via conceptual design, finite element modeling, and system prototyping.
  • Consulting Services in High Power Ultrasonic technology, specifically in relation to the design of high power transducers, sonotrodes, and tuned assemblies for industrial applications.
  • Design, development and manufacture of competitive high-tech ultrasonic devices and components according to the OEM market needs.
Food processing

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