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4.5 star rating
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American (New), Wine Bars

Opened 2 weeks ago

4.0 star rating
9 reviews
Wine Bars, Italian, Desserts
Alamo Square

Opened 3 weeks ago

4.0 star rating
22 reviews
$$ Hong Kong Style Cafe
Outer Richmond

Opened 3 weeks ago

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Lizzie S.
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Review of the Day
4.0 star rating

$9.50 for the fresh bowl, $8.50 for banh mi holy crow. That was more than I'd usually pay but given its prime location near Rincon Center, makes sense. I was also with a friend who's Vietnamese and she seemed to know what she was ordering. She asked for a combinatorial banh mi (I saw from the receipt). She ordered it in Vietnamese with the cashier and for that I was very impressed. He was very friendly and welcoming... Continue reading

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