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Bottesi is a small company that creates handmade tools for bartenders.
Taking into consideration the experience in the bartending and jewelry fields, we create our unique products with maximum attention to details and quality.
We are specialized in leather, silver and steel products for bartenders, but after a few years we focused on strainers, putting on the market the first dark inspired 3D designs.
And as usual, we only make steel strainers in one piece, no welds.
Our production line is exclusively dedicated to manufacturing bartending tools or bespoke items for brands and barmen. To insure the uniqueness of our products we always have two categories.
The Bottesi series, which is represented by limited editions made available to the public until the products are sold out, never to be produced again. And the Bottesi Collection, represented by a series of products made available for approximately one year.
Bottesi aims at creating sole tools for bartenders who can use them to create the best cocktails, because once chosen, the Bottesi tool becomes an extension of oneself.

Who is Bottesi?

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