• Restoration

    The circumscribed church

    The circumscribed church, this post is based on a speech at the sacrament meeting on Sunday, May 8, 2016. After coming for a few days in the temple of Madrid, the idea of ​​the importance [...]
  • Gospel stories

    The clarity of the gospel of salvation

    here is a word that Nephi uses frequently in his records, the word clarity “… I shall prophesy according to the plainness which hath been with me from the time that I came out from Jerusalem with [...]
  • Jesus Christ

    The miracle of Capernaum

    In general, the chemistry of listening is slower than that of speaking. In fact, sometimes we have to ask a loquacious interlocutor to slow down his pace, because we do not follow him. It is not about [...]
  • Plan of salvation

    The links of their everlasting chains

    Nowhere in the scriptures are the chains or their seizure mentioned as part of God’s plan.  Every chain proposes in its form to eliminate free will by binding the freedom of the accused. They are heavy [...]
  • Plan of salvation

    Light and truth in the ecosystem of creation

    Yes sometimes we are like children playing with a blackboard. In teancum we do it. But what is behind those games. In May of 2010 I received a letter from my daughter Alma. At that time she was [...]
  • Present

    Electronic writings and gold plates

    The scriptures that we have today, have experienced the technological revolution of our time. Now we can read them on the internet, on our phone or on a tablet. How does that affect your study? If you have [...]
  • The palaces of Kólob

    Kolob, the beginning of the war of the heavens

      — Excerpt from the novel The palaces of Kolob.  We continue with the consequences of the rejection of Aribel (Lucifer) decided in the council of heaven. Kozam describes the movements of the followers of the [...]



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