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Graduate Program in Economics and Finance

Applications for the Master in Economics and Finance and the Doctoral Program in Economics are now open. The deadline to be eligible for funding is 14 February 2019. Applications will be reviewed until 16 May 2019 or when the programs reach capacity (whichever occurs first).

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Selected recent publications

  • David Martinez-Miera and Rafael Repullo,
    Search for Yield,Econometrica, 85 (2017), 351-378.
  • Manuel Arellano, Richard Blundell and Stéphane Bonhomme,
    Earnings and Consumption Dynamics: A Nonlinear Panel Data Framework,Econometrica, 85 (2017), 693-734.
  • Monica Martinez-Bravo,
    The Local Political Economy Effects of School Construction in Indonesia,American Economic Journal: Applied Economics, 9 (2) (2017), 256-89.
  • Samuel Bentolila, J. Ignacio García-Pérez and Marcel Jansen,
    Are the Spanish long-term unemployed unemployable?,SERIEs, 8 (2017), 1-41.

Quick links & agenda

January 2019

23 January 2019 (13:30)

FIRMS Workshop

Johannes Schneider (UC3M) presents Managing a Conflict (joint with Benni Balzer)

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25 January 2019 (13:30)

MadMac Workshop

Clara Santamaria (CEMFI) presents Small Teams in Big Cities: Inequality, City Size, and the Organization of Production

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6 February 2019 (13:30)

FIRMS Workshop

Salvatore Piccolo (Universitá degli Studi di Bergamo) presents Vertical Contracting with Endogenous Market Structure (joint with Marco Pagnozzi and Markus Reisinger)

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