Pre-order 'Tallulah' from this store for exclusive ticket pre-sale access
to the band's forthcoming UK tour.

Pre-order before 10:00 GMT on 8th April 2019. Pre-ordering the album provides access to pre-sale tickets and is not a guarantee of tickets.

No Purchase Necessary. Click Here.

Featured items

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed), White Vinyl (Signed) & Pink Cassette $46.99

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed) White Vinyl (Signed) & White Cassette $46.99

Tallulah - Picture Disc Vinyl (Signed) $33.99

Tallulah Deluxe CD Book Edition (Signed) $19.99

Tallulah - Picture Disc Vinyl (Signed), Deluxe CD (Signed), White Vinyl (Signed) & Both Cassettes $79.99

Tallulah - White Vinyl (Signed) & Deluxe CD (Signed) $39.99

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed) White Vinyl (Signed) & Picture Disc Vinyl (Signed) $66.99

Tallulah White Vinyl (Signed) $26.99

Tallulah - Picture Disc Vinyl (Signed), Deluxe CD (Signed) & Both Cassettes $59.99

Tallulah - Test Pressing Vinyl (Signed & Numbered) Sold Out

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed) & Skull T-Shirt $39.99

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed) & T-Shirt $39.99

Tallulah - Deluxe CD (Signed) & Hoodie $52.99

Tallulah - Exclusive White Cassette $9.99

Tallulah - Exclusive Pink Cassette $9.99

Tallulah - Digital Album $10.99

Skull - T-Shirt $26.99

Tallulah T-Shirt $26.99

Tallulah Hoodie $39.99

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