Careers at TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH & Co. KG

About us

Why is hardware suddenly cool? When you can combine increasingly sophisticated hardware capabilities with advanced software functionality, almost anything is possible. At Trinamic, we’ve always been fascinated with physical motion. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to transforming digital information into optimized physical motion.
Robots, drones, 3D printers, motorized skateboards and electric bicycles - our office is full of applications, a real wonderland for engineers. There's even a special 'nuts & bolts' workplace for those who want to experience firsthand how design decisions play out mechanically!
Work is a significant part of life, so it has to be fun. But in the end, we keep our deadlines; we work hard. If you share our love for hardware and physical things, Trinamic may be an excellent place for you.

Our current job openings


Werkstudent/in kaufmännische Assistenz (m/w/s) als Unterstützung für das Management-Team Hamburg, Deutschland

Research & Development

Werkstudent/Praktikant/Diplomand/Master- und Bachelorarbeiten (M/W/D) Hamburg, Deutschland

Werkstudenten (m/w/d) und Praktikanten (m/w/d) auch für Master- und Bachelorarbeiten Hamburg, Deutschland

Werkstudent, Praktikant, Bachelorarbeit (m/w/d) „Embedded Prozessorsystem auf Basis von RISC-V“ Hamburg, Deutschland


Werkstudent/in im Bereich technisches Marketing (m/w/s) Hamburg, Deutschland


FAE - Field Application Engineer Greater China (m/f) China


Initiativbewerbungen Deutschland

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