The heart of the Adriatic

in the heart of Europe


Sukošan is a small town (place) situated in a wide bay called Golden Harbour /Zlatna Luka,on a coastal Adriatic road 7 km south - east of Zadar. The economy is based on tourism, farming, vineyard farming, olive and fruit growing. Today, the place is the seat of the county which also includes Debeljak, Glavica and Gorica. The town has about 3,000 residents. There are a kindergarten, an elementary school with equipped sports hall, medical and dental practices, and everything else that makes this place very pleasant/enjoyable to live...



Sukošan offers equipped hotels, apartment villages, campsites, private apartments and rooms.

Fishermen festivities
Feast of St. Cassian
Programs for children
Sports and recreation programs
Donkey & Lamplight



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