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Rent a Car - Logistics - ADR Transportation

What we do?


ECOMP d.o.o is a company operating in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad. Thanks to our many years of experience, responsible workforce and a good relationship with our clients, we are ready 24/7 to respond to your requirements and very successfully and precisely perform the agreed task. Our team consists of people educated in the frame of regional and international traffic, transport of conventional cargo, transport of dangerous goods at all levels, and in the field of machine engineering.

We are specialized in performing following types of jobs:
- Transport organization service,
- Projecting of the organization,
- Designing a business organization or business activity,
- Consultancy and mediation services,
- Transport of dangerous goods,
- Rent a car
- Using several types of transport,
- Everything in the field of dangerous goods transportation according to our mutual agreement

Our Company Structure


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