Our products fulfil standards for obtaining the license and they are labelled by the ČESKÝ VÝROBEK (CZECH PRODUCT) logo. Read More ...

CFA Membership

We have been a full member of the Czech Photovoltaic Association (ČFA) with all its advantages since 2015. ČFA also organises Photovoltaic Forum and... Read More ...

Summary of Hybrid System Monitoring

Hybrid PVP’s manufacturers focus on maximum efficiency in using and storing the output power. However, system for easy monitoring of a particular... Read More ...

Software Bridge for SMA Webbox and SolarMax Maxweb

If you use the SMA Webbox or Solarmax Maxweb to monitor your PV plant, we are capable to gather data from these dataloggers, handle them and display them at... Read More ...

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Solar Monitor: the gateway to automation of electricity usage

The article deals with the automation of electricity consumption in relation to its production by means of photovoltaic panels, whose output depends on the sun. Solar Monitor offers an wide range of solutions that adapt very easily to investor's particular requirements.

Smart Energy Forum 2018 Prague

6th and 7th November 2018, Prague https://www.smartenergyforum.cz/en/ Our presentation about M2M communication, energy gateway for renewables and PLC integration attracted many conference visitors. We explained our solution in details at our booth. See several graphs from a Smart house at South Moravia at end of the presentation: Solar_Monitor - Smart_Energy_Forum - EN.pdf

Developer wanted!

We are a small company, located 70 km to the North of Prague. We develop since 1997 for Rockwell Automation, Cleveland via Zypcom,Inc., located in Silicon Valley.

2nd Senior Programmer´s Fair

We are exhibiting at 2nd Senior Programmer´s Fair, Saturday, May 19, 2018, https://www.jobsdev.cz/.

Energy Gateway for Renewables

This article deals with several options of communication provided by datalogger unit SM-MU, also known as „energy gateway“.

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