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Recess unlocks the power of event marketing with stress-free, programmatic planning.

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All-In-One Solution

Find, book, and coordinate thousands of live events through one platform -- no more searching or calling.

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Smart Targeting

Inventory standardization and audience insights make it a snap to filter and compare events and opportunities.

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Easy Contracts & Payments

Centralized contracting, payments and logistics save hours of back-and-forth with multiple organizers.

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What people are saying

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“Sponsoring 20+ events via a single platform made booking and logistics easy and saved us a ton of time.”

- Chris Kaltreider, (Lyft, Operations Specialist)


“We have continued to use the Recess platform because it’s so easy for us to select, compare and find the right events”

- Daniel Eisman, (Program Director, Alienware Live)


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