Imagine a world where $600B each year finish in People’s wallets instead of Middleman pockets


Media have monopolised advertising business. They take attention from the People and they resell it to the Brands.


Mix of Brands’ Money and People’s Attention gives a Media a superpower to control not just Advertising, but also People’s everyday lives.

Brands are not satisfied with results. They invest more money each year and they get less results.

People hate to be interrupted and 91% tell ads are more intrusive then 2-3 years ago.

Media seems to be unstoppable. Google & Facebook alone make more than $125B/year.

Advertising business valued 600B/year needs to be transformed


People Get Paid for Paying Attention. In New Advertising, powered by blockchain, Brands are connected directly to the People. No need for Media any more.


New Advertising is based on consensus between Brands and People to exchange the values they have: Brands’ Money and Content is changed for People’s Attention.

AD:VANTAGE is not just another “New Media” because it is not owned or controlled by anyone.

Effectiveness and efficiency of advertising becomes superior after People ask to get more Content.

Advertising has become transparent. No hidden cost for Brands, no Attention interruption for People.

Eliminating Media, means change the way how we live today. Brands and People get more value and less disruption.

New Advertising is addictive. As soon as Brands & People try it, old advertising is forgotten.


AD:VANTAGE in Advertising is huge. AD:VANTAGE in Commerce is even bigger. Medium for exchange of information and goods in New Economy is global cryptocurrency: AD:VANTAGE People’s Currency (ADVN).

AD:VANTAGE Economy boom is based on transparency, democracy, integrated markets, decentralized cryptocurrency and super-fast circulation of People’s Currency.

Brands pay People’s Attention in ADVN. They can’t launch any campaign before they buy ADVN on Crypto Exchange.

People get ADVN by watching Ads and Commercials. People spend ADVN in real stores, activated in AD:VANTAGE Global Retail Program.

Merchants accept ADVN as discount or as their Loyalty program. They sell accumulated ADVN to Brands on Crypto Exchanges.


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