Electricity rates hit record highs

Wildly changing weather patterns last year, and a lack of snow in the mountains, have sent electricity rates soaring. Norwegian consumers are getting some shocking bills this month, double what they were at … [READ MORE...]

Solberg sets record with new cabinet

NEWS ANALYSIS: Never before has Norway had a government with more ministers (22) or more parties (four) involved. Prime Minister Erna Solberg has, however made some clearly strategic moves in forming the … [READ MORE]

Questions swirl around Russian terrorist

Even his own Norwegian defense attorney is calling him "a danger to life and health," and strongly supported that the 20-year-old man who said he "wanted to kill several people" in Oslo last week was ordered … [READ MORE]

New coalition off to a rough start

They're all trying to put brave and smiling faces on their new government project, but the three other leaders of Prime Minister Erna Solberg's newly expanded coalition still face serious problems within their … [READ MORE]

Viking ships seem saved after all

Norway's newly expanded government has specifically mentioned in its new platform that a new museum to house the country's famed Viking ships will indeed be built. There's still been no specific funding … [READ MORE]

Stabbing probed as a terrorist attack

The stabbing of a woman inside a grocery store in downtown Oslo on Thursday is being investigated as a terrorist attack. Norway's police intelligence agency PST has taken charge of the investigation. The … [READ MORE]

Erna’s government dream comes true

It nearly shattered and created nightmares along the way, but Prime Minister Erna Solberg's dream of forming and leading a conservative coalition government with a majority in Parliament finally came true … [READ MORE]


Norway’s young princess grows up

Royalists and government buildings raised their flags, and the royal yacht was … [READ MORE...]

Molde thinks Solskjær will come home

Norway's triumphant football coach Ole Gunnar Solskjær is still expected to … [READ MORE...]

Sami president hails cultural pride

Norway's Sami population faces another important year ahead, claimed the … [READ MORE...]

Carlsen redeems himself in blitz

Magnus Carlsen was smiling again after winning the World Blitz Chess … [READ MORE...]


Russian terrorist changes his story

A 20-year-old Russian held on terrorist charges in Oslo has suddenly withdrawn the full … [READ MORE...]

Still no contact from woman’s kidnappers

There still haven't been any signs of life from Anne-Elisabeth Falkevik Hagen, the … [READ MORE...]

Suspicious fire near justice minister’s home

Police in Oslo are investigating the origins of a fire that seemed to have been … [READ MORE...]

Two more avalanche victims found

Police in Northern Norway confirmed they had found the bodies of two more of the four … [READ MORE...]

‘Norwegian Wood’ cancelled again

The once-thriving outdoor Norwegian Wood music festival in Oslo has been cancelled again … [READ MORE...]

Highway workers may lose their jobs

Fully 1,650 jobs at Norway's state highway department (Statens vegvesen) may disappear as … [READ MORE...]


Immigration can limit social mobility

The numbers of unemployed immigrants and refugees have fallen sharply over the past three years in the Oslo area, and around the country as well. That's good news for integration advocates, but another new … [READ MORE]

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