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2 posts, 07:43 today
Those Migros bugs
Started by: bugger · 18.Feb.2019 · Food and drink
13 posts, 07:28 today
Extending chomage indemnitie days
This is simply not true. You can own a house, have a mortgage and be on social welfare at the same time. All factors have to be taken into consideration, including how much debt you have. Not all houses generate that amount of money,…
Started by: Mel-C · 30.Jun.2015 · Employment
10 posts, 07:04 today
Amazon.de Visa credit card from Switzerland?
First of all we don't know that they will ask for proof of residence, I already suggested in a previous post that they might since residence is a requirement. Until the OP or someone else actually applies for this card and tells us what…
Started by: Zaletraf · 18.Feb.2019 · Other/general
40 posts, 01:54 today
Tinder Confusion!
So anyone silently (or loudly) being amused I'll let you have an update. ... the tinderbots wife was taken ill ... With obvious concern for this, I immediately forgave him and stripped off ready for round two. ( o Y o )
Started by: Fruatrated · 11.Feb.2019 · Other/general
8 posts, 00:57 today
Move to Switzerland Versus Staying in the US
I am in IT and I can tell you it is definitely not hot here. I interviewed for a lot of jobs last year and you would be lucky if you get 120K a year. Most of the work is bog standard anyway unless you work for Google. There are some…
Started by: readyexpat · 17.Feb.2019 · Employment
22 posts, 00:50 today
Amazing landscapes or towns in Switzerland?
The ridge walk on the Stoos near Schwyz. I've been to the Rigi, the Wildspitz, the Mythen, Pilatus and many other mountains in the Innerschwyz but the Stoos is my favourite place to go to dazzle hikers who aren't from the area.
Started by: WALL-E · 17.Jan.2019 · Daily life
1 post, 00:48 today
Becoming a Lawyer in Switzerland?
Started by: ALawyer · 19.Feb.2019 · Employment
4 posts, 23:00 yesterday
Mexican Tortillas in Switzerland?
Started by: demian · 18.Feb.2019 · Food and drink
7 posts, 22:33 yesterday
Stop lycamobile auto renew
Datenpakete 1GB: Fr. 5.90 / *139*91490# 500MB: Fr. 3.25 / *139*95490# 120MB: Fr. 1.25 / *139*90490# Automatische Verlängerung kündigen: *190# : use this number to cancel Restdatenmenge überprüfen: *136# Lycamobile-Nummer…
Started by: gokul · 18.Feb.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
48 posts, 22:04 yesterday
Hi everyone - might be too young for this…
Just to further clarify, though maybe this is obvious to all involved, the verb "to bear" is different in meaning than the verb "to bare", though they sound the same in the present tenses. In this case the first is required: "The word…
Started by: Gymigirl · 1.Feb.2019 · Introductions
8 posts, 21:45 yesterday
Genuine mistake or playing games?
Pull out. The developer will contact you to find out why. Tell him you have lost interest as there are other apartments cheaper (It helps to point some out, not his ones though). At same time, get a friend to enquire via the other…
Started by: LadyDD · 18.Feb.2019 · Housing in general
30 posts, 21:29 yesterday
Crossfit Zurich
I think I'll be able to answer that better in a couple of weeks when I do my first real workout, but the first foundation session was fun! There were about 25 of us split between two instructors. There's plenty of space so there was…
Started by: Cbass · 23.Jul.2011 · Sports / Fitness / Beauty / Wellness
1 post, 21:27 yesterday
Tax deduction on spouse's education?
Started by: senti · 18.Feb.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
4 posts, 21:20 yesterday
Glattfelden (close to Bulach and Eglisau)
Started by: William Tell · 1.Jun.2007 · Housing in general
23 posts, 21:13 yesterday
Legal or not?
wow that's a lot of stalking right there. damn. question why are you interested in it? I mean why do you even care lmao? I'm Pakistani and this is only the second time I mentioned the taxi business so I wouldn't say again and again…
Started by: Ambik · 18.Feb.2019 · Transportation/driving
15 posts, 20:53 yesterday
Schlieren - Anyone live there? Good.. Bad??
Sorry guys for reviving this old thread but, being quite old, things might have somehow evolved(?). I found a great offer for a 3.5 apartment in a new building in Schlieren at a price that is kind of a steal. I would like to know if the…
Started by: Hestia · 13.Jul.2015 · Daily life
1 post, 20:16 yesterday
Looking for t-legs (for table),…
Started by: curley · 18.Feb.2019 · Housing in general
82 posts, 20:05 yesterday
Car battery, where? How much?
Just noticed Digitec sells car batteries now. Great prices. https://www.digitec.ch/d... I sure hope I remember to go there next time I need a battery. I wound up at a local shop last time, and really let him charm me into a battery I…
Started by: robogobo · 3.Feb.2012 · Transportation/driving
12 posts, 19:45 yesterday
Hi I am a Swiss/German citizen
Again, fair enough. I'll reinstate your posts on naturalisation and tortillas. Hopefully you'll see that they looked a little fluffy without the context you just provided. Welcome to EF, hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to…
Started by: demian · 18.Feb.2019 · Introductions
1 post, 19:14 yesterday
Keep an eye out for them later in the year
Started by: Medea Fleecestealer · 18.Feb.2019 · Other/general
57 posts, 19:02 yesterday
Solo Valentine!
Well, was addressing st2lemans with that post, but now find myself drawn in... But still don't find male jodelling more attractive somehow? Maybe, at least for Valentines, they should have been wearing kilts? Experienced Yoiking…
Started by: McTAVGE · 14.Feb.2019 · Daily life
43 posts, 17:56 yesterday
Question for bond investors
ALpiq has a bond yielding around 5%, available in CHF5,000 tranches. Tradable on all platforms, even PostFinance. Who is trading bonds actively here? Would love to exchange notes. I buy retail bonds below par and hold them…
Started by: Phil_MCR · 21.Aug.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
46 posts, 17:20 yesterday
Technophobe needs to get out of Jurassic Era!
I would agree with this. In theory, it is a simple concept and for people already used to the technology and vocabulary, it might be quick and easy. However, there are an overwhelmingly large number of variables and options which can…
Started by: McTAVGE · 29.Nov.2018 · TV/internet/telephone
32 posts, 16:45 yesterday
Neon-free = free CHF account?
Some post offices with a separate 'post shop' counter do accept credit cards at that counter. You can pay for stamps, phone credit, lottery and post-shop products like books and stationery at that counter using a credit card. ;)
Started by: ChrisNeedsToKnow · 4.Nov.2018 · Finance/banking/taxation
13 posts, 16:31 yesterday
Where to sell a watch?
I have an old Girard Perregaux watch, which has stopped working. An estimate for repair is around CHF 1000. I am not keen on spending such an amount. Is there an online group or other means where I can sell it. Many thanks in advance.
Started by: Punky · 16.Sep.2012 · Other/general
5 posts, 16:16 yesterday
Migros bank personal loan
Started by: Dark Knight · 18.Feb.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
10 posts, 16:03 yesterday
OBD2 scanner
Understand, but there is something called HappyBlue adapter: https://www.happylightsh... In the description is says that it does show the parking-sensors. Picture I posted earlier was actually using this adapter. Anyhow, all I am…
Started by: antonb · 18.Feb.2019 · Transportation/driving
13 posts, 16:03 yesterday
Selling on Amazon FBA from Switzerland
I would just contact amazon themselves. There are Swiss sellers on the European amazon sites, who ship the stuff themselves from Switzerland to wherever. I don't know if any use the amazon storage and shipping system.…
Started by: Kathryno · 2.Sep.2017 · Business & entrepreneur
10 posts, 15:59 yesterday
Plumbing issue for techies
Here is a CH product you need (if you are sitting down while you look at the price). I will take the opportunity to say once again, this is an example of why you need legal insurance in CH. Best to have a lawyer discuss the matter…
Started by: newmandavid · 18.Feb.2019 · Housing in general
1 post, 15:54 yesterday
No claims car insurance
Started by: smileygreebins · 18.Feb.2019 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 15:51 yesterday
Short-Term Loan for British National
Started by: sammymac · 18.Feb.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
22 posts, 15:42 yesterday
Robot programming in Switzerland
No, they cannot. No one can pretend to "live" in the office But it looks similar here in the case of daily cross border commuters, who obtain permit G. In Switzerland it's you, as an EU citizen, who has to ask for the permit to legally…
Started by: Tomasz · 12.Feb.2019 · Employment
1 post, 14:42 yesterday
Has Sunrise Mobile's customer service (and…
Started by: rickstevens · 18.Feb.2019 · Daily life
2 posts, 14:34 yesterday
Korean Speakers / 한국인…
Started by: stephaniegllm · 28.May.2018 · Language corner
4 posts, 14:33 yesterday
Grey carte / transfer to new plates
Started by: smileygreebins · 18.Feb.2019 · Transportation/driving
1 post, 14:00 yesterday
PC Assembly Service in Zürich or Zug
Started by: Roland · 18.Feb.2019 · TV/internet/telephone
2 posts, 13:45 yesterday
Using current account to dollar-cost-average…
Started by: krolley · 18.Feb.2019 · Finance/banking/taxation
52 posts, 13:31 yesterday
Klima Streik/climate strike
Well, the world isn´t going to end, just our civilization as we know it today. All species on this rock have or will at some point come to the end of their run and go extinct. Up until now we have been able to adapt to new environments…
Started by: Ambik · 17.Feb.2019 · International affairs/politics
13 posts, 13:09 yesterday
Registering with the RAV without…
The unemployment benefits you get paid come from an insurance company. The RAV is there to reduce the amount of money the insurance company has to pay. They do not care whether you do not get paid because you found a job, or because you…
Started by: Integer · 14.Feb.2019 · Employment
48 posts, 12:45 yesterday
Salaries in Biopharma Manufacturing?
Best of luck to you! With the relocation offer, the offer is quite good. Relocation offers are few and far between these days. I work in Biopharma, with good performance, I find my salary increases substantially in comparison to…
Started by: Danihend · 18.Jan.2019 · Employment
The Local Switzerland
The best places to enjoy Carnival in Switzerland in 2019

The best places to enjoy Carnival in Switzerland in 2019

Carnival time is upon us already. With festivities already kicking off around the country, we take a look at the top locations to let your hair down Swiss-style over the coming weeks.

Swiss police search for stolen man-sized steak

Swiss police search for stolen man-sized steak

Police in the Swiss canton of Zug have called on the public to help them locate a huge plastic steak which was stolen recently.


Switzerland's 'mini spring' set to continue all week

Switzerland's spell of mild weather is set to continue until the end of the month although forecasters warn snow could always make a comeback in March.

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