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Semester 2 Recruitment Drive

DAYThursday Week 1
DATE31 st January 2019
WHEREUniversity Concert Hall Foyer
TIME5pm to 7:30pm

Welcome to UL Wolves

Clubs & Societies are... plain and simple an excuse to have FUN AND MAKE NEW FRIENDS and in doing so maybe try exciting new activities or to compete in the top sporting intercollegiate competitions in Ireland and overseas. The beauty and strength of Clubs & Societies is that they are run voluntarily by your fellow students for the students to complement your busy academic life while here in the University of Limerick and you are very welcome to join.

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UL Wolves C&S Team

Head of Student Engagement,
including C&S Development

Paul Lee

Talk to me about:
  • Committee development
  • Hosting events (i.e. intervarsities)
  • Additional funding
  • UL Wolves merchandise
  • C&S council & its executive
  • New ideas for C&S development
  • C&S problems or grievances
Clubs & Societies

Aisling Ryan

Talk to me about:
  • Foreign Trips
  • BICS
  • SoUL Arts Fest
  • Appraisals & Support
  • Grievances & Disputes Support
  • Insurance
Clubs & Societies

Karen Sheahan

Talk to me about:
  • Joining Clubs & Societies
  • Booking rooms
  • Booking C&S vehicles
  • C&S social media
  • C&S finance

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