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  • Rotary Router: an Efficient Architecture for CMP Interconnection Networks

    Pablo Abad, Valentin Puente, Jose Angel Gregorio, Pablo Prieto , International Symposium on Computer Architecture, ISCA

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  • Flask Coherence: A Morphable Hybrid Coherence Protocol to Balance Energy, Performance and Scalability

    Lucia G. Menezo, Valentin Puente, Jose Angel Gregorio , In International Symposium On High Performance Computer Architecture, IEEE., HPCA

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  • CLAASIC: a Cortex-Inspired Hardware Accelerator

    Valentin Puente, Jose Angel Gregorio ,, ARXIV

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  • AC-WAR: Architecting the Cache Hierarchy to Improve the Lifetime of an Non-volatile Endurance-limited Main Memory

    Pablo Abad, Pablo Prieto, Valentin Puente, Jose Angel Gregorio , Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, IEEE., TPDS

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  • 3D Stacking of High-Performance Processors

    Philip Emma, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Michael Healy, Krishnan Kailas, Valentin Puente, Roy Yu, Allan Hartstein, Pradip Bose, Jaime Moreno , In International Symposium On High Performance Computer Architecture, IEEE., HPCA

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  • ESP-NUCA: A low-cost adaptive Non-Uniform Cache Architectures

    Javier Merino, Valentin Puente, Jose Angel Gregorio , International Conference on High Performance Computer Architecture, HPCA

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  • Heterogeneous Architectures for Cognitive Computing

    This project will address the synergy of machine learning based computing models in Big-data analytics problem, from the perspective of the subjacent computer architecture. The target is to combine efficiently into a single architecture the dissimilar requirements, minimizing the impact on the complex software stack.

  • Memory Hierarchy for Big Data Applications

    This project outlines the necessity of efficiently combining future challenges concerning Big Data with emerging technologies such as non-volatile memories based on nanoscale memristor devices...


  • Computing Resources

    The local available computing resources and their current operational status

  • Tools

    Computer architecture modeling tools developed by our group


Past Students

More Cases

  • Andrea Alarcia Gutiérrez   
    TFG: Impacto de la Arquitectura del Procesador en aplicaciones Big-Data
    Advisor: Pablo Abad

    Current Status: TFG in progress

  • Luis Pérez Moya   
    TFG: Evaluación, Virtualización y Simulación sobre arquitectura ARM
    Advisor: Pablo Prieto

    Current Status: TFG in progress

  • Alejandro Fernández Gutiérrez   
    TFG: Desarrollo y evaluación de cargas de trabajo NoSQL open-source bajo tecnologías con contenedor
    Advisor: Jose Angel Herrero

    Current Status: TFG in progress

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