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I worked in an international school for two years, and decided to subscribe to Premium at the end of my first year. Having this facility made a huge difference to my planning - the children in my class love the resources, and I get to spend much less time searching for them (which means they can also enjoy having a teacher who is not cranky from lack of sleep!)
The resources are bright and user-friendly!
Lynsey Herron Lynsey Herron
My premium subscription was invaluable to me as a teacher. It meant I always had the perfect resource at the touch of a button - invaluable when you have a crowd of excitable children in front of you! Seriously, you must have saved me hours so thank you.
Annette Kinsella Annette Kinsella
Teacher (Ages 5-7)
For me, Twinkl Premium was well worth the money because of all the time I have gained! The resources are top quality and the children love them.
Kim Noads Kim Noads
Class Teacher
Having Twinkl Premium means having access to a wealth of resources at the click of a button. I've never known a better run service that meets all of my needs as an educator
Contar con Twinkl Premium significa tener acceso a un enorme catálogo de recursos educativos haciendo clic en un solo botón. Nunca he conocido un servicio mejor organizado y que cumpla todas mis metas como educadora.
 Jo Austin Jo Austin
SEND Teacher
Twinkl premium really is just that- a premium service. It offers everything I need in one place without wasting my time having to pay for many subscriptions to different places. There's brilliant resources made by teachers, for teachers, and although I can edit the resources to make them match the needs of my children, often I don't have to, as the resources are well matched to the needs and demands of the curriculum. An excellent time saver and an absolute necessity for any teacher wanting to regain that work/life balance.
Debbie Ann Debbie Ann
Teacher (Ages 5-7)

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