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4 Ways To Get Saturnian Power, Working With Other Planets

by Monefa Walker People fear what they don’t understand. When it comes to planets ...

The Gifts We Gain From Pain

Alchemizing pain gives you wisdom, strength, compassion. And an unshakeable faith in life. In ...

5 Morning Rituals That Will Help You Win the Day

Changing the way you start your day has a great impact on the way ...

Green Witch Diaries: Basil

It’s relatively low maintenance, delicious, and useful in many spells.

When Shadow Season Stretches Into The New Year: Stay With Yourself In Deep Love

by Tau Tara After almost 6 years of journeying with the feminine in various ...

5 Reasons Not To Make New Year Resolutions In January

Here are a few specific reasons why it’s okay to NOT feel like you’re ...

3 Tips For Casting Witchy New Year’s Resolutions That Stick

Well, a New Year's resolution is a bit like choosing the intention for a ...

The Dangers of Censorship: Witch Hunts, Patriarchy and the Big Bad Nipple

Perhaps it is time for women to show the patriarchy in all its forms, ...

Green Witch Diaries: Rosemary

One of the best ways to unlock rosemary’s magic is by smudging.

The Shadow President

"united we stand, divided we fall" is an important thing to remember right now.

7 Reasons YOU Have the Answers to Your Problems

You are a mad scientist energy conductor. The alpha and omega of your life.

NORTH NODE IN SCORPIO: Spiritual Death and Regeneration

The Nodes are symbolic representations of the karmic imbalances we were born with and ...

Green Witch Diaries: Mint

Common and easy to grow, mint, especially peppermint, is a restorative herb. Inhaling the ...

Dance Belongs To You

Take your power back. Remember where it lies. Remember that dance is YOURS.

The 10 Steps To Prepare A Sacred Space For Your Women’s Circle Gathering

Our modern medicine is found within our connected collective conversations.

Witchcraft. The Borderlands Of Faith And Doubt

Doubt is the status quo. Faith is the muscle you build.

Daughter of Light and Shadows

She longs for an escape, unaware of the dark power that flows through her ...

Green Witch Diaries: Catnip

A member of the mint family, infamous for its use for blessings and bonding ...

5 Rituals That Will Help You Create Your Best Life

Here are 5 simple rituals you can do to create your most magical life:

The Sex Revolution Is Now

The cycle of suffering must end, and by the hands of those who have ...

A Simple Guide to Creating Your Own Book of Shadows

A Book of Shadows, or a Grimoire, is a place for a witch to ...

Green Witch Diaries: Sunflower

Let all the bad vibes get sucked down the drain.

Goddesses Of The Dark Shadows

And while in the beginning it will all seem great, once the conscious selves ...

10 Ways Sex Magick Will Change Your Life Forever

Did you think sex was just for having fun (and making babies once in ...

Green Witch Diaries: Mugwort

Mugwort is a powerful protection herb that can be used several ways.

Magick for the Trump Era: Help Defeat Fascism Without F***ing Up Your Karma

It has been called opposition, civil disobedience, and many other terms.

7 Ways To Awaken Your Psychic Abilities

Do you suspect that you may have psychic abilities?

Green Witch Diaries: Sage

It’s a natural antiseptic. The tea is also good for digestive issues like heartburn.

The 4 Gateways of Plant Communication

there’s a special magic when you begin to see how and why these plants ...

The Witch Knows How to Live in Two Places at a Time

When the veils are thin, the energies are coming intense

5 Reasons Your Filthy, Dark Past is Your Key to Freedom

Life doesn’t leave anyone without keys no matter how complicated the locks.

Green Witch Diaries: Chamomile

Chamomile promotes peace and tranquility and dispels disruptive energies.

5 Signs You’re A Badass Spiritual Activist

by Jessica Walker My whole life, I’ve been in love with two things: my ...

3 Practical Shadow Work Tools to Heal Yourself and Unleash Your Magic

The more we explore and accept the disowned aspects of ourselves, the more we ...

Green Witch Diaries: Lavender

An immensely versatile herb, lavender has many medicinal properties


I dare not disobey her, so I force my leaden feet to move a ...

Dream Interpretation That Doesn’t Suck

By its very nature, the subconscious doesn’t “make sense.” However, it does give us ...

3 Ways Dance Liberated Me

Almost instantaneously, dancing returned me to myself in ways that nothing else had.

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