15-16 Oct.2018
HackTalks is a 2 day conference that aims to give to the local community opportunities for joint learning and to inspire the people around it to innovate and thrive. HackTalks is creating an environment that encourages sharing, learning from each other, and experimenting with new technologies and ideas.


Monday - 15th Oct.
Registration & Welcome
10:00 -

How Not to S#ck at Programming

Anna Boros
President of Banat IT
11:00 -

Developing Connected Medical Devices for Real Needs

Marco Rigamonti, Igor Bulavitchi
Flex Design Center Milano/Timisoara
11:30 -

eHealth Challenges Presentation

Lunch Time
13:30 - Lobby
START: eHealth Challenges
13:30 -

3D Printing Functional Organs

Calin Brandabur
13:30 -

Solving Real World Problems with Software

Radu Jakab
14:30 -

Data all the things

Bogdan Bugarschi
Visual Retailing
14:30 -

Restorative biometrics - 3D printing & milling natural smiles

Florin Cofar
15:30 -

Product Development for the Local Market

Radu Milos
15:30 -

Translate Your Business with AI

Rod Smith
16:30 -

Building Apps rly Fast

Timo Bejan
CTO at DevPlant
16:30 -

Developing on large scale applications

Adrian Iorgu
Freelance Consultant
END: eHealth Challenges
Tuesday - 16th Oct.
Registration & Welcome
10:00 -

Civic Technology

William Tyner
11:00 -

Startup Programs. A Glimpse Into Opportunities of Testing Your Inner Entrepreneur

Andrei Munteanu
Founder of Cowork Timisoara
11:30 -

Designing Dynamic Map Experiences

Octavian Borcan
Here Technologies
12:00 -

PREi - Pseudo-REST ESP Interface

Sorin Guga
Software Developer at [e-spres-oh]
12:30 -

Cybersecurity in Mobile Medical Apps

Marco Rigamonti
Flex Design Center Milano/Timisoara
12:30 -

Business Plan Workshop

Rod Smith
Lunch Time
14:00 -

Realtime 3D in the Browser

Radu Milici
UI Developer
14:30 -

A Quick Hack Using Watson's AI Services

Alin Dobre
The Dude at IBM
14:50 -

Blockchain: revolution and evolution

Petronela Sandulache
Head of HELLA Fast Forward Berlin
15:30 -

Life After Tech

Stefan Szakal
CEO of HomeFresh
16:30 -

Evolution Through Collaboration

Valentin Muresan
Intel Timisoara
A different kind of hackathon
Put your skills to the test

Enjoy the thrill of short-time problem solving without the need to sacrifice an entire weekend.

Reverse engineering FTW

Dis/assemble devices, find the faulty circuit, redesign the system, all in around one hour.

Use your brain power Working without a team has it's advantages. No need to split prizes, for example ;)
Join HackTM eHealth starting at 13:30 on Monday, 15th of October.

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